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PRODUCT DETAILS.                                                       
CAROSELLE Vegetarian Parmesans are a natural wheat
colour because they contain no bleaches or dyes.                                                                                                                                    
Farmhouse cheese is produced in a wholesome farm
environment, in hygenic conditions from milk collected
right there. The cheese is handmade, just as in
olden days in Europe, and still today, in small

Cheese produced under such conditions is coveted
throughout the world by appreciative gourmets.

Each block of cheese thus produced is cared for
on a daily basis by trained cheesemakers until
the right degree of maturity is reached.
We are especially proud of our aging cellars, which
have been devised to simulate a European facility.

Caroselle cellars are made of natural stone walls
designed for the purpose of creating a wholesome
environment where all the cheese can be aged.
Our Parmesans are matured for two years and over
before they are sold.

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